2020.08.26press release

Tsukuba University appoints Blue United as its esports consultant to promote their research and development of esports

New York – Blue United Corporation and University of Tsukuba R&D Center for Sport Innovation announced today the kickoff of the collaboration in the field of esports. Blue United will provide consultancy for Tsukuba University to promote their research and development of esports. 

The university held its first esports tournament which was hosted by the university in Japan in July, 2020. This tournament was a charity event to support the students who was affected by COVID 19, but also they utilized this opportunity to analyze the educational possibility of esports such as the analysis of player’s heart rate and brain wave. 

Both organizations will work together to research the educational aspects of esports, which is the new content that everyone can join anytime, anywhere with their knowledge and experience. 

For more information, visit https://www.sanrenhonbu.tsukuba.ac.jp/wp/en/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/RD-All-E-20190605.pdf

About R&D Center for Sport Innovation
R&D Center for Sport Innovation aims to establish and promote Athletic Department (AD) within the University of Tsukuba. To accomplish the mission, it is essential for them to designate the philosophy of Athletic Department, clarify the roles and the job descriptions between athletic director and sports administrator, and cultivate human resources that is still uncommon in Japan. 
Furthermore, R&D Center for Sport Innovation needs to have a discussion in order to strengthen the relationship between university and community. Meanwhile, it prepares for the establishment of the Japanese version of NCAA in cooperation with other universities.

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