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1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
Takehiko Nakamura

02 - Our History Our

  1. 2015
    Founded Blue United Corporation in New York, NY
  2. 2016
    Opened Nagano Operations
  3. 2017
    Opened Tokyo Operations
  4. 2017
    Opened Kashima Antlers New York Operations
  5. 2018
    Founded Pacific Rim Cup
  6. 2018
    Founded Blue United eFC
  7. 2018
    Launched Blue United Athletics Service
  8. 2021
    Blue United eFC, Champion of FIFAe Club World Cup Zone 2
  9. 2021
    Launched CryptoBlue, our own unique series of NFTs focused on Blue United eFC
  10. 2022
    Pacific Rim Cup - Keiki Soccer Clinic Held
  11. 2023
    Pacific Rim Cup - Keiki Soccer Clinic Held
  12. 2023
    Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and Alliance Agreement

03 - President & CEO Message Message

Blue United Corporation was born in late 2015 in New York. Our company name embodies our strong will. "Blue" represents the sky and the ocean that connect the world. "United" is our wish to unite and excite people around the world through sports, which is a global language.

It was a decision with determination I made before I turned 40, and with the desire to revive the “Pacific Rim Cup”, which is my lifework. The journey started from buying a laptop computer and searching for café’s where I could use wifi in Manhattan.

When I look back at my career, I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented people from around the world. Americans who were fully confident to build a new league, Major League Soccer, which is considered one of fastest growing professional soccer leagues in the world. FC Barcelona, that is more than a club. It is the symbol, identity, and history for the Catalans. Italians working with pride for, Alessandro Del Piero being like a god for them. Working with people like that made me think about my career and about myself as a Japanese.

Soccer is the reason where I am, and who I am today. Soccer has always created a place for me to belong wherever I was on earth. Through my international experience and sport business knowledge I have gained to this day, I would love to be part of building soccer that Japanese can be proud of, confident of, and be part of its identity.

Although I have spent more than 2/3 of my life abroad, my heart is Japanese, where I was born. My goal and grit are to keep contributing to the development and internalization of Japanese sport business, based on what I have seen, learned, and experienced from around the world, with the mentality to localize - “Japanese spirit with Western learning”.

中村 武彦

中村 武彦

  • Profile
  • Education・Licence
  • Writing・Lecturer
  • Award
  1. 1976.04Born in Machida,Tokyo
  2. 1999.04 - 2001.10North American Sales Division, International Business HQ, NEC
  3. 2001.10 - 2002.08Consultant, for sports navigation
  4. 2004.05 - 2009.03Manager, International Business, Major League Soccer (Founded Pan-Pacific Championship)
  5. 2009.03 - 2010.03Director, International Business, FC Barcelona (North America, Asia, and Oceania Markets)
  6. 2010.03 - 2015.08General Manager, LeadOff Sports Marketing
  7. 2010.03 - 2020Consultant, Players and International Relations, MLS
  8. 2011.04 - 2014.04Invited Lecturer, Real Madrid MBA
  9. 2015.09Founded Blue United Corporation
  10. 2015.11 - PresentInvited Lecturer, Columbia University
  11. 2016.02 - 2019.12International Business Development, J.League Sports Human Capital
  12. 2017.01 - PresentAdjunct Lecturer, Aoyama Gakuin University School of Global Studies and Collaboration
  13. 2017.01 - PresentGlobal Strategy Officer, Kashima Antlers FC
  14. 2017.11Founded PACIFIC RIM CUP
  15. 2018Founded BLUE UNITED eFC
  16. 2018.08 - PresentInternational Business Development and Special Career Advisor, Pacific League Marketing
  17. 2018.10 - PresentSPORTS TECH TOKYO Mentor (DENTSU x SCRUM VENTURES)
  18. 2019 - PresentGlobal Partner, Engate Inc.
  19. 2019 - PresentSupervisor & Co-Founder, SPOND Inc.
  20. 2020 - 2021International Technical Advisor, Omiya Ardija
  21. 2020 - PresentBusiness Strategy Counselor, Plus Class Sports Incubation
  22. 2020 - 2022HALF TIME Global Academy Principal
  23. 2020 - PresentPIA SPORTS BUSINESS PROGRAM Regular Lecturer
  24. 2020 - PresentCollaborative Researcher, University of Tokyo, Social Strategic Engineering
  25. 2022 - PresentGlobal Sporting Director, WE League
  26. 2022 - PresentAdvisor, Sports / Entertainment Domain
  27. 2023 - PresentAdvisor, Sports / Deloitte Tohmatsu
  28. 2023 - PresentAdvisor / Japan Sports Agency
  1. 1999.03Bachelor of Laws, Aoyama Gakuin Univ.
  2. 2002.09 - 2004.05MS, Sport Management, Isenberg School of Management, UMASS Amherst
  3. 2012 -FIFA Match Agent
  4. 2014.01 - 2014.12Masterʼs Degree, Global Executive Master in International Sports Law, ISDE Law & Business School
  5. 2019.05Leadership Principles, Harvard Business School Online Course
  6. 2020.07 -PhD - by Thesis only - Collaborative Research, Social-Strategic Engineering Lab., The University of Tokyo
  1. Aoyama GakuinUniv., Keio Univ., etc.
  2. Real Madrid MBA Invited Lecturer
  3. Japan Olympic Committee, Global Staff Course
  4. Lecturer, J.League Human Capital
  5. Invited Lecturer, Columbia University / ISDE Companion Course
  6. Adjunct Lecturer, Aoyama Gakuin Univ. School of Global Studies and Collaboration
  7. Key Note Speaker at the annual 「Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg, UMASS Amherst Career Fair」
  8. ISDE Sports Convention 2019, Panelsit (Grandes eventos y sostenibilidad)
  9. Industry CoーCreation Panelist 2018 & 2019 ー Future of Sport Business
  10. Moderator - Half Time Conference 2020 - Future of Global Sports Business FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Real Zaragoza
  11. Sports Management thorough Major League Soccer
    - Analyzing the rapid growth of soccer in the US (2018 Toyokan Publishing) (2019 Football Book Award Grand Prize)
  12. Colum (Soccer Magazine ZONE, Soccer Critics, NewYork Japion, Kashima Antlers Freaks etc.)
  13. An Introduction to Sport Business - Comic Version (2021 Toyokan Publishing)
  14. Sports Future Development Conference (2023)
  15. Keynote Speech at a seminar of the Council for Sports Ecosystem Promotion (2023)
  16. The TSP Taiyo Online Seminar (2023)
  17. HALF TIME Conference 2023
  1. 2015UMASS ”Alumni on the Rise Award”
  2. 2017"Chairman's International Entrepreneur Award of Excellence" by the Tokyo New Business Conference
  3. 2018Appointed US-Japan Council Leader
  4. 2018 & 2019Shortlisted Finalist for SPIA Asia - Sports Industry Awards &Conference
    - Best International Sporting Event of the Year
  5. 2019Pablication : "Sports Management thorough Major League Soccer - Analyzing the rapid growth of soccer in the US (Toyokan Publishing)"
    (2019 Football Book Award Grand Prize)
  6. 2020ISDE Law & Business School: Outstanding Alumni