01 - About us

About us
We are an international sport business agency that was founded in 2015 in Manhattan with the vision to contribute to the Japanese sport business’ development and globalization. Our company name embodies our strong will. "Blue" represents the sky and the ocean that connect the world. "United" is our wish to unite and excite people around the world through sports, which is a global language. We operate in New York, Tokyo, and Nagano with staff from Japan and Spain, who have either lived, worked, studied, or played professionally abroad. Our value and mentality are not to import things as is, but with necessary localization, and to translate not only the language but also the cultural differences, business custom differences, and nuances.

There are 3 pillars to our business. The first is international business development for teams, leagues, athletes, and corporations. The second is to manage our own international professional soccer tournament “Pacific Rim Cup” that we launched in Hawaii. Last but not least, we manage our own professional eSports team “Blue United eFC” as our new business. Consulting is unstable to be your business’ foundation and we aim to build and create our own rights and properties.

Mission02 - Mission

  1. Become the number 1 international sports company in Japan
  2. Maximize the business value of the Pacific Rim Cup
  3. Always have the foresight to create new values
  4. Build and expand our own properties to maximize the business value of Blue United
  5. Contribute to international clients' expansion and globalization to make them one of the top brands in the world
  6. Empower the young people to follow their dreams
  7. Take action to build trust with the local community

Value03 - Value

  1. Client First
  2. Japanese spirit with Western learning
  3. We bet on ourselves rather than giving up
  4. We would rather regret something we did than something we didn't do
  5. Knowledge is in the field rather than armchair theory. Practical wisdom
  6. We are a Family and Teammate
  7. Implicit Trust
  8. Zero to One mentality
  9. Creative Mind
  10. Frontier spirit, Unconventional mind
  11. Always be Proactive
  12. We have dreams

Offices04 - Offices

  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Tampa
  • Tokyo
  • Kanagawa
  • Nagano
  • Fukuoka


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