2020.10.15press release

PIA SPORTS BUSINESS PROGRAM appoints Blue United as its “Official Academic Strategy Partner” to establish their new program for human resources development of sports business industry in Japan

New York – Blue United Corporation and PIA Corporation announced today the kickoff of the collaboration to establish their new project “PIA SPORTS BUSINESS PROGRAM”, which starts in April, 2021. Blue United will work alongside PIA Corporation as its “Official Academic Strategy Partner” to support the management and development of this new program utilizing BU’s expertise in education and global network.

To contribute to the expansion of the sports business industry in Japan, “PIA SPORTS BUSINESS PROGRAM” has been founded by PIA Corporation to invest in the development of professionals, especially the younger generations who will lead the sports industry in the future. 

Both organizations will work together to make this program advanced focused on 3 key factors, 1) The importance of Ticket sales and Fan club management, 2) The management skills based on understanding the principles of the business of sports and 3) The importance of innovation and learning from other industries.

For the details, please visit the official website of “PIA SPORTS BUSINESS PROGRAM”. 

About PIA Corporation
PIA is well known for providing various kinds of support to enrich people’s lives by offering ‘something fun for everyone’- supplying information and various services to help people everywhere more fully enjoy leisure and entertainment. Moving forward by creating an ‘Era of Heartfullness’ for the 21st Century through an infrastructure of ‘Lifelines to Inspiration’, we aim to build our brand through providing a three-way service with added value for consumers (customers), content providers (license holders), and entertainment promoters.
PIA Group continues to develop a wide variety of businesses such as ticket sales for music, sports, theater, film, and various other events, while also publishing books, ‘mooks’ (magazine books) and running a website covering the entertainment and leisure fields. In addition, the company reinforces business solutions regarding ticketing for venues, promoters, and sports associations, etc., expands the industry network for concert and event organizer (co-sponsors, investors), etc., develops new services by creating alliances within a diversified industry, and expands the business field by connecting the various divisions of the entertainment industry into a whole.
PIA also aims to discover and nurture new talent within the film industry through the PIA Film Festival (PFF), and to develop CSR activities through its ‘TEAM SMILE’ project, which provides earthquake revitalization through entertainment activities. PIA wants to bring together and inspire as many people as possible, while continuing to make social contributions as a company committed to civic progress.

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