2021.03.23press release

Blue United eFC, current FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 Zone2 (East Asia) Champion announces partnership with THIRDWAVE Corporation

New York | Tokyo – Blue United Corporation is proud to announce that its professional esports team Blue United eFC partners with THIRDWAVE Corporation, the owner of the leading gaming PC brand in Japan, GALLERIA. Through the partnership, both THIRDWAVE Corporation and Blue United eFC aim to contribute to the domestic esports market and increase the awareness of their gaming PC brand, “GALLERIA”. The logo of “GALLERIA” is included on the team’s kit and will be featured on the left sleeve.

“We are very proud of being the official partner of Blue United eFC.” said Takashi Morihata, the head of alliance department of THIRDWAVE Corporation. ” We are the owner of the gaming PC brand, GALLERIA that has overwhelming performance and stability, and provide a stable PC environment for official competitions of game licensors and e-sports competitions held in various places. We have been working on hosting and supporting e-sports competitions and events in order to expand the opportunities for professional players, streamers, and users to play an active role. We hope that this partnership with Blue United Corporation contributes to the success of e-sports players and the development and internationalization of e-sports business in Japan.”

” We are pleased to announce this partnership with THIRDWAVE Corporation for achieving their goals together through the activation of the Blue United eFC.,” said Tsakt, the professional player of Blue United eFC. “At the same time, we are very proud of sharing the vision and the passion for the “esports”, which will become one of the most attractive sports for the next generation. Last month, we won the FIFA eClub World Cup 2021 Zone2, but we aim to keep moving forward and to be better with THIRDWAVE Corporation. I am looking forward to amazing opportunities to use the “GALLERIA.” “

” We are very excited to work with THIRDWAVE Corporation as a partner of our Blue United eFC.” said Agu, the professional player of Blue United eFC. ” We will keep working hard to develop ourselves and to further promote our activities with utilizing the leading gaming PC brand in Japan, “GALLERIA” and deliver various contents to everyone who supports us.”
For more information, visit http://www.twave.co.jp/english/

About THIRDWAVE Corporation
Name:THIRDWAVE Corporation
・Management of DOSPARA Computer Stores
・Sale of custom built (assembled) personal computers, personal computer parts, and accessories
・Buying and selling used goods
・Managing the Internet sales site, DOSPARA Mail Order
・Sale of corporate personal computer servers and custom built personal computers
・Sale of radiation measuring instruments as well as accompany products and services
Head Office:6F Dai2 dempa Building 2-14-10, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Japan

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