2021.07.21press release

Blue United eFC, the best e-soccer pro team in Asia and top 5 in the world, has released its own NFTs on OpenSea linked to Ethereum

New York | Tokyo | London | Spain – Blue United Corporation has released a unique and very impactful series of NFTs called CryptoBlue focused on Blue United eFC.

Founded in 2017, Blue United eFC is the current Champion of Asia in one of the biggest e-soccer video games in the world, the team has qualified to 3 out of the last 4 World Club Championships, breaking industry records; and in 2021 Blue United eFC became Champions of the World e-soccer Club Championship 2021 in East Asia. 

Blue United eFC NFTs are available on OpenSea starting today and fans will be able to have access to two different series (Gold and Silver), with each NFT digitally autographed by Blue United players.

Gold Series (only 241 NFTs available):
Every single NFT owner will receive exclusive monthly reports of the team, and they will have the chance to attend the Annual General Meeting (online) – where the performance of the team is analyzed, and NFT owners can share their feedback and comments. 

Also, the highest bids in every NFT (7 lucky NFT owners) will be able to get premium experiences/assets, such as:

  • Special private sessions of e-soccer with BU eFC’s players.
  • Signed jerseys by players.
  • Signing a 24-hour contract with the team as a professional video-gamer.
  • Becoming a sponsor of Blue United eFC and having the NFT owner’s logo on the team’s jersey.

The auction to win Gold Series NFTs opens today and will run for 30 days, until August 20, 2021.

Silver Series (only 6,000 NFTs available):
These NFTs will available for fans interested in collecting Blue United eFC memorabilia solely and not on getting access to the premium experiences included in the Gold Series.

A portion of the proceeds of the series Gold and Silver will go to projects to support Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the wake of increased anti-Asian hate crimes and racism.

Each NFT (Gold and Silver) is a limited edition and is linked to a unique ID with guaranteed scarcity and protected ownership guaranteed by the blockchain.

To become a CryptoBlue owner, click on the following link: https://opensea.io/collection/blue-united-efc

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