2022.04.08press release

Aub Inc., founded by former Japan National team star, Keita Suzuki, renews the partnership with current FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 Zone2 (East Asia) Champion Blue United eFC

New York | Tokyo – Blue United Corporation is delighted to announce that its professional esports team Blue United eFC powered by CFG renews the partnership with AuB Inc., a food-tech startup founded by former Japan National Soccer Player Keita Suzuki, to improve athletes’ gut condition. Through the partnership, both AuB Inc. and Blue United eFC strive to enhance the eSports industry’s esports players’ condition and health and wellness markets. 

Along with the partnership, during the 1st year of this collaboration, Blue United eFC received AuB Inc’s original supplement “AuB Base,” conditioning advice of meal/heartbeat/sleep, and consultation from its nutritionist. In addition to above, AuB Inc’s advised Blue United eFC about not only daily food menu but also the one during the team’s training camp. 

As the 2nd year for this collaboration, both organizations will work together for how we promote the conditioning recovery of the players and maintain their condition. 

Keita Suzuki, who believes improvement of gut health will help athletes’ performance due to his experience, founded AuB Corporation 6 years ago. Since then, AuB Inc. has been supporting more than 700 top athletes in Japan. 

Blue United eFC, current EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Asian Champion and first professional eSports FIFA focused team in Japan. In March 2021, Blue United eFC won the FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 Zone2 (East Asia). In addition to that, Agu from Blue United eFC called up for Japan National Team two years in a row.

About AuB, Inc.
Name:AuB Inc.
Head Office:2F Sagami Building 7-13-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
・Health and Wellness conditioning support for Athletes
・Biomarker Development
・Intestinal Condition Supplement Development

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