2022.07.27press release

Pacific Rim Cup Keiki Soccer Clinic 2022 is back

The Pacific Rim Cup Keiki Soccer Clinic 2022 returned to Hawaii successfully on July 9th, 2022, at Waipio Soccer Complex.

To prepare for the Pacific Rim Cup in 2023, Blue United decided to run only the clinic after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. In addition to not being forgotten, Blue United wanted to show our commitment to bringing back the event in a tangible way so the kids could remember how beautiful this event was.
Because Blue United did not have professional players to work with the kids without the tournament, we invited four special coaches from Hawaii and Japan, whom we were honored to have. 

After months of planning in New York, Tokyo, and Honolulu, Blue United received over 700 applications within 48 hours after our announcement, well beyond our expectations. Blue United had around 300 applications in our past 2018 and 2019 events, which also sold out in 20 minutes, but not to this magnitude. There was a real sense of excitement and reaction from the community when the Pacific Rim Cup was revived.

Approximately five hours after it began at 8 AM, the event ended on a high note.  There were many media outlets covering the event, long lines of kids for autographs with the coaches, and lots of smiles. It is here that Blue United begins the real journey of bringing back the Pacific Rim Cup. This is something Blue United is committed to pursuing, and your support would be greatly appreciated.

■ Link to Clinic Photos:https://pacificrimcup.com/gallery
■ Link to Clinic Documentary Video:https://youtu.be/HuCdxGEcyuk

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