Blue United participates in Sports Business Community established by Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC (“Deloitte Tohmatsu”) has launched Sports Business Community with Blue United Corporation; FC Imabari, a J3 League club; Takuma Sato, a racing driver from Chip Ganassi Racingin IndyCar Series; Astemo REAL RACING, a SUPER GT GT500 class racing team; GANTRIGGER, a professional BMX team; the Japan Professional Soccer League; and Little Sunflower to the development of the sports business in Japan.

The Sports Business Community is an initiative to promote the development of sports business in Japan based not on a “one-to-one” relationship between Deloitte Tohmatsu and athletes or sports teams, but on a relationship among plural parties that go beyond the boundaries of sports. The community aims to solve various social issues such as rural revitalization and enhancement of global business competitiveness utilizing digital technology.

The Sports Business Community will initially focus on the following themes, and will consider adding additional themes through knowledge sharing and discussions among the community members.

  1. Educating sports business persons
    We will promote the development and success of sports business persons in Japan, and create and provide educational opportunities. Athletes and sports teams participating in the community, as well as business person with capabilities in various fields such as business, digital, and legal will supervise content, serve as instructors, and provide opportunities for practical training.
  2. Nurturing next-generation athletes
    We will also work to nurture the next generation of athletes who support the sports business. We will promote to develop athlete nurturing system by combining both Deloitte Tohmatsu’s expertise in talent management and performance development of individual athletes, and the knowledge and experience of athletes nurturing that the athletes/teams/sports related organization in the community have.
  3. Promoting the support of people with disabilities and well-being society
    We will also promote initiatives to utilize the social value of sports to the realization of people’s physical and mental health and well-being society. As one of our efforts, we are promoting to help people with disabilities, elder people and children experience fun and joy of sports through athletic experiences as a community, and promote well-being society through sports.

The Sports Business Community plans to expand its activities in the future by inviting participation from athletes, clubs, and organizations in various sports, as well as companies and business person with an interest in the sports business.

Member of the Sports Business Community

  • Takeshi Okada (Imabari Yume Sports)
  • FC Imabari (J3 League professional soccer club)
  • Takuma Sato (Chip Ganassi Racing, Racing driver)
  • Astemo REAL RACING (Racing Team, SUPER GT GT500 class)
  • GANTRIGGER (Professional BMX team)
  • Japan Professional Soccer League
  • Blue United Corporation
  • Little Sunflower Corporation
  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC

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