Blue United eFC Dominates at the VBL International Series 2023 Japan Qualifier 「VBL International Series 2023 Country Qualifiers」MATCH REPORT

New York | Tokyo – Blue United eFC, the innovative professional eSports team managed by Blue United Corporation and powered by Manchester City, showcased its expertise in the highly anticipated Bundesliga VBL International Series 2023 Japan Qualifier held on April 26th, 2023.

The VBL International Series 2023, an esteemed eSports competition, is organized by VBL-Virtual Bundesliga, the official league of the “FIFA” series, jointly operated by the German Football League Organization and EA. The series features two thrilling events: the Country Qualifiers and the Finals, where six winners from Japan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, USA, and Brazil vie for ultimate victory.

Competing in the EA SPORTS FIFA23 Season Mode, players were tasked with selecting a team from either Bundesliga or Bundesliga 2. Blue United eFC, wearing Eintracht Frankfurt’s colors (for which Bue United is the official PR agency in Japan), participated in the Japan Qualifier, which featured a challenging knockout stage with a total of 11 participants.

Four outstanding Blue United eFC players (youxme, Tess, Tsakt, and Shishi) boldly entered the fray, demonstrating their prowess in a tournament that included both amateur and professional eSports players. The “BLU eFC Derby” was a particular highlight, as our team members went head-to-head, showcasing exceptional gameplay.

Employing Frankfurt as their chosen team, our players skillfully highlighted the talents of Makoto Hasebe and Daichi Kamada. Tsakt, in particular, utilized Hasebe in various positions, such as defensive midfielder, center back, and side back, mirroring the real-life Hasebe’s versatility on the field.

Blue United eFC’s exceptional performance led to Tsakt triumphing in the tournament, while Shishi secured an impressive 4th place. With this victory, Tsakt has earned a spot in the highly anticipated Finals, set to take place in Germany in May 2023.

See below the final results and personal comments from each of our talented players.

Round2:vs Tera(Free agent)● 2-3 (1-1/1-2)

◇His comment
“In the tournament, I was able to play utilizing Frankfurt’s five-back formation, but unfortunately, I lost due to a lack of decisiveness. It was challenging to accurately reproduce Frankfurt’s 3-4-2-1 strategy, where the left forward and right forward (position 2 in the 3-4-2-1 formation) create space for the striker to advance vertically, primarily due to the game’s limitations. I’d like to extend my congratulations once again to Tsakt and wish him the best of luck in the upcoming matches!”

Round1:vs Tsakt(Blue United eFC)● 3-4 (1-2/2-2)

◇His comment
“The season mode, which I played for the first time this season, was fresh and different from FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). The feeling of playing was very good, but I feel that Tsakt was more competitive. Frankfurt was fun to use because of the players Kamada and Hasebe. Personally, I found Kolo Muani very easy to use as a player in FIFA. I lost to Tsakt, so I hope he will be as dynamic as he usually is in the Final in Germany! Good luck!”

Round1:vs Tess(Blue United eFC)〇 4-3 (2-1/2-2)
Round2:vs mikunn_1224(Free agent)〇 11-1 (8-1/3-0)
準決勝:vs Shishi(Blue United eFC)〇 6-3 (3-3/3-0)
決勝:vs Tera(Free agent)〇 4-2 (2-1/2-1)

◇His comment
“I’m Tsakt, and I will be representing Blue United and Japan in the VBL International Series’s in Germany. I was able to get through the Japan Qualifier while making good use of the Frankfurt system. I’m excited for this opportunity and to bring Blue United eFC’s name to the highest level in Germany!!”

Round2:vs luff02(Free agent)〇 1-0 (0-0/1-0)
Semi final:vs Tsakt(Blue United eFC)● 3-6 (3-3/0-3)

◇His comment
“Although I ended up 4th in the tournament, it was very fun and exciting to play with the Bundesliga players. Frankfurt, the team I used, is one of my favourite teams in the League, and I was happy to be able to control Kamada, Hasebe and Kolo Muani! And congratulations to Tsakt for the win! I believe that he can win the Final in Germany!”

■VBL International Series 2023 Final
Date: May 18th, 2023 – May 21st, 2023
Format: Online/Offline
URL: https://battlefy.com/vbl-2023/?faq=4

■Fianl Result
1st place: Tsakt (Blue United eFC)
2nd place: Tera (Free Agent)
3rd place: Jackun (Free Agent)
4th place: Shishi (Blue United eFC)

■About Blue United eFC
Name : Blue United eFC(BLU eFC)
Vision : Contribute to Japanese e-sports business development and globalization to make it one of the top industries in the world.
URL : http://www.blueutd.com/efc/

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