President & CEO Takehiko Nakamura Conducted the “TSP Taiyo Online Seminar”

On May 25, 2023 (Thursday), President & CEO Takehiko Nakamura conducted the “TSP Taiyo Online Seminar.” This initiative is an online seminar aimed at disseminating the latest trends and knowledge related to entertainment and marketing, serving as a “gateway to conversations” for individuals involved in these fields worldwide. We planned and operated the event in collaboration with TSP Taiyo Co.

The theme of this session was “The Art of Entertainment and Fan Marketing: Insights from World-renowned Soccer Clubs and Localization in Japan.” Blue United had the privilege of having Brett Lashbrook, the founder and CEO of Las Vegas Lights FC, and Takao Toshishige, Blue United’s Executive Advisor and Representative of City Football Group Japan, as co-speakers.

In the first part, Nakamura opened the session by discussing the fundamental principles of sports business. Lashbrook provided an introduction to Las Vegas Lights FC, shared his perspectives on sports business, and presented innovative examples to disrupt the sports industry, such as unconventional uniform unveilings and home game events. Lashbrook’s focus on how to entertain fans and how to capture their attention was concentrated in the content.

Unconventional uniform unveilings ( Las Vegas Lights FC )

The second part featured a discussion with Toshishige and Keisuke Kamiya from TSP Taiyo, where they shared domestic and international case studies. Focusing on the common goal of enhancing the spectator experience, they explored what can be done in Japan and engaged in a discussion to seek solutions. Finally, questions from the participants were addressed. The seminar was attended by more than 160 people, mostly from the sports industry, giving the impression of a very lively event.

Mr. Toshishige (left) and Mr. Kamiya

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