Blue United eFC:Tsakt gave a lecture at Juntendo University

New York | Tokyo – Blue United eFC is a pioneering professional eSports team managed by Blue United Corporation and powered by Manchester City.

Recently, its player “Tsakt” was invited by Assistant Professor Yu Shimasaki of Juntendo University’s Faculty of Health and Sports Science to give a lecture and participate in a Q&A session for students on Thursday, June 1st.

This initiative is being conducted for the second time, following last year’s event. This year, instead of attending online classes, we visited Juntendo University Sakura Campus to participate in the “Sports Information Science/Information Analysis” course. BLU eFC’s General Manager, Takuya Yamada, joined the Q&A session to discuss e-sports.

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About Blue United eFC

Name : Blue United eFC(BLU eFC)

Established : November 15th, 2018

Vision : Contribute to Japanese e-sports business development and globalization to make it one of the top industries in the world

HP : https://blueutd.com

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