2023.07.07press release

Blue United Supports Historic “Yanmar Day” with Red Bull Bragantino on behalf of Yanmar

New York – Blue United Corporation, who executes and manages the partnership between Yanmar and Red Bull Bragantino, is set to carry out a Brazilian industry-first on July 9th.

Red Bull Bragantino’s match day, a match against São Paulo set to ignite excitement, will be entirely sponsored by Yanmar in an innovative initiative dubbed “Yanmar Day.” This unique concept will involve exclusive Yanmar brand activations throughout the Red Bull Bragantino versus São Paulo game.

Planned activities include Yanmar tractor and machine exhibition, children escorting players in company logo T-shirts, Yanmar guests participating in the halftime challenge, brand exposure on stadium banners and jumbotron, and distribution of exclusive gifts for fans at Nabi Abi Chedid.

Yanmar and Red Bull Bragantino signed a multi-year partnership agreement through Blue United in July 2022. Yanmar is the first international partner in the club’s history.

About Blue United Corporation

Founded in 2015, Blue United Corporation is a global consulting firm headquartered in New York with an office in Tokyo. We provide international expansion consulting services to clients worldwide, including Japan, the USA, Spain, Germany, Brazil, and more. As proud owners of the prestigious annual professional soccer tournament “Pacific Rim Cup” in Honolulu, HI, and the EA Sports FIFAe Club World Cup Champion Zone 2 in 2021, we excel in global sports management. For further information, visit: blueutd.com.

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