President and CEO Takehiko Nakamura spoke at the HALF TIME Conference 2023

On Thursday, July 6, President and CEO Takehiko Nakamura moderated two sessions at the HALF TIME Conference 2023.

This event is a sports business conference that brings the latest trends to the sports industry from a global perspective. The theme was “Staying Ahead in the Business of Sports. The event was held in Tokyo and online, with a total of 350 participants.

In a session with Philipp Wunderlich, Director of East Asia at FC Bayern Munich, they discussed the consideration of East Asian markets, the importance of building sustainable relationships with partners, social networking strategies in China, and the potential of women’s soccer. They also touched on the latest developments in these areas.

The session with Federico Palomba, Head of Asia for Juventus FC, then began with the topic of rebranding in 2017. Juventus is proud of its more than 120 years of history and has undergone a bold transformation. They have developed a wide range of entertainment businesses beyond the scope of a football club. The wide-ranging discussion, including the topic of business strategy in Japan, was very interesting.

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