President and CEO Takehiko Nakamura spoke at JFA/WE Women’s Leadership Program

On Saturday, July 15, President and CEO Takehiko Nakamura gave a lecture in the second module of the “JFA (Japan Football Association)/WE League (Japan Women’s Empowerment Professional Football League) Women’s Leadership Program 2023”.

This program was launched in 2020 by the JFA and the WE League to develop female managers who will lead the soccer and sports industry. This is the fourth term of the program.

Fourteen women in executive and managerial positions in sports-related organizations are joined in the program, which lasts approximately five months.

Nakamura, who serves as the WE League Global Sporting Director, gave a lecture on the management model and marketing of the National Women’s Soccer League in the United States.

The participants, who discussed the development potential of the WE League, seemed to gain many hints about marketing and value creation for their own organizations.

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