2023.10.19press release

Blue United eFC Powered by Manchester City Renews Contracts with Four Players for the 2023-2024 Season

Blue United eFC powered by Manchester City is pleased to announce the contract renewals of four players for the 2023-2024 season: youxme (Shusei Mukasa), Tess (Ekuya Kida), Tsakt (Shota Sato), and Shishi (Naoki Shishikura).

In the world of competitive soccer video games, most eSports teams typically operate with only two players – like “EA SPORTS FC24” and “eFootball2024”. However, Blue United eFC will continue to operate with a strong four-player lineup this season.

Maintaining a four-player lineup creates a challenging environment that promotes team collaboration, rigorous training, and information-sharing. It is important not only for the individual growth of players, but also supports our goal of closing the gap at the global level. We are committed to striving for excellence, achieving great results, and advancing in international tournaments.

In addition to focusing on international tournament success, we want to leverage our strength in the sports business and enhance our community. We aim to continue promoting the growth of the eSports market and nurturing players who can thrive both in eSports and society.

Please check out comments from our four players on continuing their partnership with Blue United eFC below. For details on their individual achievements, please visit our team’s official website.

[Player Comments]

“I’m thrilled to renew my contract with Blue United eFC! Last season, we had some bitter losses and couldn’t achieve the results we wanted. This season is a fresh opportunity, and I’m determined to do my best. It’s my second year as a BLU player, so I’m committed to not only delivering results but also contributing in other ways to lift FC24 to new heights. Thank you for your support!”

“I’m delighted to be able to renew my contract with Blue United eFC for this coming season. Last season, we couldn’t achieve the results we aimed for, so this season, I’m focused on delivering the outcomes we desire. Your support means a lot. Thank you!”

“I’m thrilled to be able to fight alongside this team once again! This marks my sixth season, and as a veteran, I’m determined to lead the team. I will remain dedicated to the team like I have been since its inception. Thank you for your support!”

“I’m honored to renew my contract as a player for Blue United eFC! Last season, I was upset about not being able to achieve our team goals in FIFA23. I am committed to giving my all in both FC24 and eFootball this season!”

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