2023.12.11press release

President and CEO Takehiko Nakamura was appointed as an advisor to JSPIN

We are pleased to announce that our President and CEO, Takehiko Nakamura, was appointed as an advisor to JSPIN.

JSPIN (Japan SPorts business INitiative) is a platform established by the Japan Sports Agency to promote collaboration between Japanese and overseas sports industry. JSPIN creates domestic and international networking opportunities and accelerates the further development of the sports industry in Japan and overseas.

JSPIN Networking Service is a newly launched initiative that connects companies and organizations with advisors familiar with overseas sports markets via a webpage on the JSPIN website.

Nakamura will contribute to the international development of the Japanese sports industry by sharing the knowledge and experience in the sports business that he has accumulated in global organizations and environments over the years.

Name: JSPIN Networking Service
Detail: Offering consultation sessions to companies and organizations aiming to expand their sports business internationally
HP: JSPIN – (mext.go.jp)

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