Interview with Mr. Muneshige Yoshioka on SPORTS BUSINESS LABORATORY

Blue United Corporation and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC have launched the SPORTS BUSINESS LABORATORY, which will promote research and demonstrations aimed at expanding the sports business in Japan, based on an alliance agreed to in February 2023, and have now begun full-scale activities.

In the final part of our Techincal Department Business Enhancement series, of Sports Business Laboratory, we had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Muneshige Yoshioka from Kashima Antlers FC.

In the first part, Mr. Yoshioka reflects on his experiences and talks about Kashima’s philosophy and the changes that are expected in the future.

In the second part, he talks about how to balance team building aimed at winning titles and player development. He also discussed the necessity of inheriting traditions while adapting flexibly.


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