Blue United eFC Tsakt’s interview with AuB Corporation

AuB Corporation (CEO: Keita Suzuki), the partner of our professional eSports team, Blue United eFC powered by Manchester City, is actively promoting the voices of athletes who incorporate AuB’s gut health practices into their daily conditioning.

In Vol.5, Tsakt from Blue United eFC takes the spotlight. He shares insights into his daily gut health routine and recommends effective gut health practices. Given the often lengthy duration of esports tournaments, ranging from 5 to 6 hours per day, maintaining sustained focus and swiftly transitioning emotions between short match intervals are crucial elements.

Tsakt and three other players from Blue United eFC are dedicated to enhancing their daily performance through the use of AuB products such as aub BASE and aub GROW, as well as receiving gut health guidance from AuB’s experts.

Blue United eFC, in collaboration with AuB Corporation, which upholds the mission of “Bringing everyone to their best condition,” remains committed to initiatives that contribute to the health management and skill enhancement of eSports athletes.

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For more information about AuB Corporation, visit their website here.

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