Renews Partnership With WE LEAGUE

Blue United Corporation has renewed its consulting partnership agreement with WE LEAGUE (Japan Women’s Empowerment Professional Football League).

Since 2022, our President and CEO, Takehiko Nakamura, has served as WE LEAGUE’s Global Sporting Director, and we provide consulting services in the area of their international operations.

When we say “international,” we’re talking about a vast world, and tackling it haphazardly isn’t realistic. Step by step, we look forward to working together to brainstorm and create ways in which we can contribute to the clubs as a league.

WE LEAGUE (Japan Women’s Empowerment Professional Football League)

The WE LEAGUE is the top women’s football league in Japan, with the organizational mission is to promote an inclusive society, filled with diverse dreams and ways of living, and where individuals can shine, through the power of women’s football and sports. The WE LEAGUE became the first fully-professional women’s football league in the country, when it was launched in September 2021 with its 11 founding football clubs. Following the success of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World CupTM, the WE LEAGUE intends to pave paths for young girls who aspire to become professional football players, and contribute to the growth of women’s football in Japan.

For more information, visit the WE LEAGUE’s website at: https://weleague.jp/en/about/

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