“Tsakt” from Blue United eFC won the FC Community Series 24 3rd Final!!

New York | Tokyo – Blue United eFC powered by Manchester City, the professional esports team of Blue United Corporation, is pleased to announce that “Tsakt” won the FC Community Series 24 3rd Final (FCS24) at Lalaport Toyosu. This tournament was held on Sunday, January 14th, 2024.

The FCS24 is the largest esports event in Japan, featuring competitions in the EA SPORTS FCTM 24 Ultimate TeamTM mode (FUT mode). It is open to all players, from professional esports athletes to amateurs, competing in open qualifiers, final qualifiers, and the grand finale. The tournament is recognized as a decisive event to determine the nation’s top player in the realm of esports.

In this latest edition, the FCS24 3rd Final, Tsakt emerged victorious after an intense competition. The tournament started with online open qualifiers and final qualifiers, leading to the final showdown among six players – four who advanced through the qualifiers and two top players from the 2nd Final.

Tsakt demonstrated an impressive performance throughout the tournament. He advanced to the final rounds undefeated in the group stage and then secured a win against the experienced player “Nasri” in the semifinals, following a penalty shootout after a tense extension. In the finals, he maintained his momentum, scoring multiple goals early on and securing a stunning victory. His consistent and strategic gameplay throughout the tournament was a testament to his veteran prowess.

Looking ahead, Tsakt will be directly participating in the final tournament of the FCS24 4th, exempt from qualifying rounds, which will be held at Lalaport Fukuoka. Additionally, our team members, youxme and Tess, are set to compete in the qualifying rounds.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s continued support for the exceptional talents of Blue United eFC players. Check out our (X [https://twitter.com/BlueUnitedeFC] account for the latest team news.

”I am delighted to have become the top player in Japan as part of BLU!” said Tsakt. “I owe this achievement to the continuous support from everyone. The encouragement, whether on-site or through live streams, has been truly impactful. Thank you very much! I aim to keep striving for improvement each day and won’t settle with just this accomplishment.”

FC Community Series 24 3rd Final

Date: January 14th, 2024
Format: Offline (Lalaport Toyosu)
URL: https://twitter.com/FCS_JP

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