2024.02.05press release

Blue United eFC powered by Manchester City jersey is now available in EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team

New York | Tokyo – Blue United Corporation is proud to announce that its professional esports team Blue United eFC powered by Manchester City’s jersey and badge are now available in EA SPORTS FC24.

Blue United eFC has qualified to 3 out of the last 4 FIFAe Club World Cups, breaking industry records; and in 2021 Blue United eFC became Champion of the FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 in East Asia (Zone 2).

Besides its fast success, Blue United eFC wants to continue innovating and challenging the status quo on and off the console and, for that reason, this is an enormous step for the organization. Blue United eFC’s jersey available in FC 24 will open up massive possibilities for the team and its partners, in terms of global reach and worldwide recognition.

Blue United eFC’s official items are now featured in the EA SPORTS FIFA series, marking the fourth consecutive year of inclusion for the Japanese professional esports team. This integration began with EA SPORTS FIFA 21, continuing through the last release of “EA SPORTS FIFA 23.” It is noteworthy as the first instance of a Japanese pro esports team being included in the series for four consecutive years.

“EA SPORTS FIFA 23,” saw over 3,000 users throughout the year actively utilizing Blue United eFC’s official items within the game. While the FIFA series underwent a significant transformation, adopting the name FC starting from the current installment, the latest release, “EA SPORTS FC 24,” has attracted more than 10 million players in just one week since its launch late last September. Despite the series entering a period of substantial change, it maintains its status as a globally popular gaming title.

Blue United Corporation President & CEO, Takehiko Nakamura
“I am delighted that Blue United eFC’s official items will once again be featured in EA SPORTS FC 24, an undeniably popular game title worldwide. The honor of being included for the fourth consecutive year, a first for a domestic professional esports team, is a testament to the recognition of our efforts. We take pride in this and remain committed to further enhancing the value of our club in the ever-evolving esports industry.”

Fans will be able to build their squad heads to toes as Blue United eFC in FC 24, and sign top-quality talent to represent the team, such as Mbappe, Haaland, De Bruyne, or Benzema. Team kits are now available on FC 24 FUT and users will be able to obtain these items on FUT starting February 4, and since this is the only opportunity to win a Blue United eFC team kit on FC 24, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

How to get the items

Our team’s official items can be acquired through the “Objectives” feature in FUT mode. Two groups of objectives, “FC Pro Teams” and “FC Pro Teams Masterclass” are introduced for each esports team.

▼ About Each Objectives

FC Pro Teams
There is one objective associated with each team, and upon completion, both the uniform and crest serve as rewards. The “Objective” for Blue United eFC is “winning 1 game in any game mode using at least 3 players from Japan.”

FC Pro Teams Masterclass
There is one objective for each club, and pack rewards are awarded for completing the objective while equipped with that club’s Crest. The “Objective” for Blue United eFC is “winning 2 games while equipping the Blue United eFC Crest and Kit.”

▼ Challenge Period
Challenges can be pursued until around September 2024, coinciding with the expected release of FC25. We encourage you to give it a try!

▼ What are “Objectives”?
A mode integrated into FUT. “Objectives” can be achieved by playing matches in FUT mode. Each objective comes with specific conditions, such as “score 10 goals with Japanese players,” and rewards are earned upon successfully meeting these conditions. Starting February 4, objectives have been introduced, allowing users to obtain the uniforms and crests of esports teams worldwide, as selected by EA and integrated into FC24.

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