Blue United has conceptualized a new video for Yanmar and Red Bull Bragantino, now released!

It is a true pleasure to introduce our latest creation in partnership with Yanmar Holdings, Yanmar Brasil, and Red Bull Bragantino.

Blue United Corporation executes and manages the partnership between Yanmar and Red Bull Bragantino. Since signing a multi-year partnership agreement through Blue United in July 2022, Yanmar has become Red Bull Bragantino’s first international partner.

The partnership between Yanmar Brazil and Red Bull Bragantino calls for an innovative connection between agriculture and sports, and shows that both brands are committed to sustainability and innovation.

This video, supervised by our company, introduces the partnership between Yanmar and Red Bull Bragantino, the deep cultural traditions of Brazil and Japan, the rich history of both brands, and the intensity and dynamism of Brazil. We invite you to view the video at the URL below!

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