A new form of eSports has been created by Germany, a leading country in the industry. VBL International Series 2023 Final – Match Report

New York | Tokyo – Blue United eFC, the innovative professional eSports team managed by Blue United Corporation and powered by Manchester City, is proud to announce that Tsakt, one of its members, participated in the highly anticipated Bundesliga VBL International Series 2023 Final held from May 18th to May 21st, 2023, in Munich, Germany.

This exciting series consisted of two main events: the Country Qualifiers and the Final. Six winners from Japan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, the USA, and Brazil competed for the ultimate victory. Tsakt emerged as the winner of the Japan qualifier, securing a spot in the Final.

Learn more about the Japanese qualifier by visiting this link.

As in the Japan qualifier, Tsakt wore Eintracht Frankfurt’s colors, for which Blue United is the official PR agency in Japan. He maximized the potential of Japanese players such as Makoto Hasebe and Daichi Kamada, ultimately finishing in 3rd place!

There is a glimpse of each country’s culture in esports, just as there is in traditional football. The Brazilian players used dribbling to create a rhythm in the game, along with many other unique variations that are typical of international competitions.

The tournament ended with a lot of excitement, featuring the official ambassadors of each country, as well as Roman Weidenfeller and Lothar Matheus.

Creating a tournament through a series of events, not just individual matches.

Germany, which began issuing “eSports visas” in the spring of 2020, is gaining recognition as a prominent eSports destination.

This tournament was organized by the VBL-Virtual Bundesliga, which is the official league of the “FIFA” series. It is jointly operated by the German Football League Organization and EA. The tournament featured a variety of events and promoted an innovative way of organizing eSports competitions.

For instance, VBL players participated in FIFA 23 and futsal matches as guests, and interacted with each other both online and offline. Mr. Weidenfeller and Mr. Matheus also joined futsal together. The players enjoyed the event as if they had returned to their childhoods.

They experienced the Bundesliga from different angles, including watching the match between FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig on-site at the Allianz Arena. They also got to experience the electrifying atmosphere of a stadium full of passionate supporters from pitch side.

Additionally, influencers from the participating countries served as official ambassadors, closely following their national team’s players. Instead of relying solely on match distribution to gain exposure for the tournament, the ambassadors and contestants utilized various events to communicate about the competition. The official Twitter feed of BLU eFC received a higher-than-usual response from people.

While it can be challenging for eSports to capture the attention of those who are not already interested in the specific game title, this event managed to do so by incorporating various forms of content. As a result, it offered a unique perspective that differed from a typical eSports tournament.

The eSports market for football games has received less attention than other game genres and is still in its early stages of development. Germany, which has pioneered a new form of eSports competition, warrants continued attention.

Tsakt’s comment

“During the Final, I analyzed my opponents, considered my options, and approached the challenge strategically, ultimately resulting in a third-place finish. However, I feel that my physical condition has a greater impact on my performance in tournaments overseas than in Japan. Therefore, I would like to remain vigilant and monitor my condition regularly.”

“Above all, I thoroughly enjoyed this tournament, including all of the other events. Unlike typical e-sports competitions, this event provided numerous opportunities for players to communicate with each other. As a result, I gained insight into the unique e-sports culture of Japan in comparison to the rest of the world. Additionally, I was able to introduce the BLU eFC and facilitate meaningful exchanges with contestants from various countries.”

VBL International Series 2023 Final

Date: May 18th, 2023 – May 21st, 2023
Format: Online/Offline
URL: https://battlefy.com/vbl-2023/?faq=4

About Blue United eFC
Name : Blue United eFC(BLU eFC)
Established : November 15th, 2018
Owner : Blue United Corporation
Vision : Contribute to Japanese e-sports business development and globalization to make it one of the top industries in the world.
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