2023.10.10press release

SPORTS BUSINESS LABORATORY with Deloitte Tohmatsu is fully operational and a new website has been launched.

Blue United Corporation (Blue United) and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC (Deloitte Tohmatsu) have launched the SPORTS BUSINESS LABORATORY, which will promote research and demonstrations aimed at expanding the sports business in Japan, based on an alliance agreed to in February 2023, and have now begun full-scale activities.

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The SPORTS BUSINESS LABORATORY aims to drive the further expansion and growth of Japan’s sports business. We ensure that the expertise and profits gained are appropriately returned to sports teams, leagues, and various sports organizations. In addition to promoting the growth of the entire industry, we aim to co-create value with other industries, advancing research, study, and demonstration.

Specific activities include the development and demonstration of new partnership models in sports, such as proposals for business enhancement based on surveys of spectator experiences in various sports, including soccer and boxing, and proposals for improving the business value of sports based on surveys and research on the social return on investment (SROI) of sports.

On our website, in addition to publishing research and study results, we provide content such as interviews with individuals who are at the forefront of the sports business, focusing on aspects like the nurturing of talent in the sports business, and insights from the perspective of sports business experts. We aim to disseminate information that allows not only business professionals but also sports fans to contemplate the value and challenges of sports.


Launch Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Research and Demonstration Themes

Evolution of partnerships in sports
To expand the market size of the Japanese sports business, it is necessary to further strengthen ticket sales, merchandise sales, broadcast rights fees, and sponsorship revenues, which are the main sources of revenue, as well as to explore new revenue sources. In response, based on Blue United’s knowledge and experience in overseas sports business, as well as the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s knowledge and experience in using sports in business through collaboration with various sports, including soccer and motor sports, we will develop and demonstrate a new partnership model that takes into account perspectives such as Well-Being, regional revitalization and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Cultivation of Talent in Sports Business
To promote “Partner Activation” by clubs, leagues, and corporations, we will work on creating and providing measures and opportunities aimed at nurturing professional talent equipped with capabilities in various fields, such as business, digital, and legal, which are essential to handle a wide range of partnerships centered around sports.

Demonstration of new technologies and services
Based on the knowledge and experience of both companies, we will demonstrate the use of technology to expand the possibilities of partnerships with companies, including the introduction of technologies such as analytics and AI to improve the level of competition, and the development of services using XR technology such as VR/AR and 3D to provide diverse viewing experiences.

Website Contents

We conduct and feature interviews with individuals who are at the forefront of the sports business, both domestically and internationally. For our first installment, focusing on the theme of “Business in the Technical Department,” we had the pleasure of featuring Mr. Takao Toshishige, Regional Director of City Football Group Japan.

Centering on news on sports business-related websites, we will pick and introduce articles that align with the aforementioned interview themes. With a broad perspective, we select news from information worldwide. While introducing articles in Japanese, we also feature a considerable number of articles from overseas.

Insight Columns
From the aforementioned curated articles, we will pick up particularly intriguing topics. Leveraging our strengths, we introduce analytical articles from both a consultant’s perspective and a sports business perspective. We also plan to publish original insight articles, reports, and more.


Goi Miyashita, Executive Officer, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC:
“We are pleased to announce the opening of our web page as a place to disseminate our laboratory activities conducted with our alliance partner, Blue United. Through our laboratory activities, we will conduct surveys, research, and demonstrations to expand the Japanese sports industry, and through this webpage, we will share our accumulated knowledge with the sports business community and businesspersons who are interested in the sports business community. We hope to contribute to the development of the Japanese sports business together with you, and we hope that you will keep an eye on the Laboratory’s future activities.”

Seiji Morimatsu, Director, Sports Business Laboratory, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC:
“Our alliance with Blue United Corporation is aimed at contributing to the creation of new value and growth in the Japanese sports business. We are very pleased to be able to share the activities of our laboratory, which will be a pillar of the alliance, on this website. We will not merely provide content, but will strive to provide a full range of information that will lead you to think, discuss, act on, and verify the content. We look forward to discussing this with you!”

Takehiko Nakamura, President & CEO, Blue United Corporation:
“We are delighted to launch the new initiative in collaboration with Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting. Our laboratory activities took its first step with our initiatives at the Pacific Rim Cup – Keiki Soccer Clinic 2023 in August this year (for details). Not only will we conduct various surveys, research, proof-of-concept experiments, and accumulate know-how by utilizing our assets, but we also aspire to share that information with many people through this website, aiming to contribute to further expansion and growth of Japan’s sports business. We will strive to provide enriching content, so we kindly ask for your continuous support.”

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