Tsakt from Blue United eFC won Japan’s top spot for the second consecutive time at the FCS24 4th Final!!

New York | Tokyo – Blue United eFC powered by Manchester City, the professional esports team of Blue United Corporation, is pleased to announce that “Tsakt” won the FC Community Series 24 4th Final (FCS24) at Lalaport Fukuoka. This tournament was held on Sunday, February 18th, 2024. Tsakt defended the top position in Japan by winning back-to-back championships following the FCS24 3rd.

The FCS24 is Japan’s most prominent esports event, featuring competitions in the EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team mode (FUT). It is open to all players, from professional esports athletes to amateurs, competing in open qualifiers, final qualifiers, and the grand finale. The tournament is recognized as a decisive event to determine the nation’s top player in esports.

Tsakt, champion of the tournament’s third edition, earned an automatic berth to the finals, bypassing the qualifying round. He dominated the group stage, securing victories in all matches and a spot in the final tournament. In a display of prowess, he emerged victorious in the semi-final.

In the final, Tsakt faced off against Ebipool, a player from the J-League club “Avispa Fukuoka,” based in Fukuoka, the host city of this competition. This match was particularly intense, as Ebipool had reached the finals in last year’s World Championships qualifier. Despite the added pressure of playing away from home, amidst the fervent support of Avispa Fukuoka fans, Tsakt demonstrated remarkable composure and clinched the top spot, emerging as the victor.

Looking ahead, Tsakt will be directly participating in the final tournament of the FCS24 5th, exempt from qualifying rounds, which will be held at Lalaport Toyosu. Additionally, our team member, youxme, is set to compete in the qualifying round.

Additionally, our team’s official items are now available within FC24! We are the only team from Asia featured in this game. Please take this opportunity to acquire them. For more details, click here.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s continued support for the exceptional talents of Blue United eFC players. Check out our X(Twitter)[https://twitter.com/BlueUnitedeFC] account for the latest team news.

Tsakt’s comment
”At the second tournament held in Fukuoka, I experienced bitter disappointment, but I am delighted to have achieved revenge and secured back-to-back victories from the third edition onwards. I am grateful to everyone who supports me day by day, as I was able to achieve good results through trial and error during the tournament. Additionally, receiving positive reports from my teammates the day before was incredibly motivating. The encouragement from everyone who cheered me on locally and left supportive comments during the live stream gave me a lot of energy. Aiming for a third consecutive victory, I will continue to switch gears and put in the effort. Thank you for your continued support going forward.”

FC Community Series 24 4th Final
Date: February 18th, 2024
Format: Offline (Lalaport Fukuoka)
URL: https://twitter.com/FCS_JP

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